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February 24, 2015 / Happy Dietitian

5 Things You Should Know About Cholesterol

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Originally posted on Health News / Tips & Trends / Celebrity Health:

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Cholesterol seems to be one of those words that’s in everyone’s vocabulary, but many of my clients are incredibly confused about what cholesterol is, and how it affects their health. It also happens to be buzzing in the media at the moment, thanks to a new report from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, a group of top nutrition researchers who advise the government about what and how Americans should be eating.

If you’re feeling a little perplexed by all this cholesterol talk, here’s a simple breakdown of what you really need to know.

Cholesterol is only found in animal-based foods

There are two types: dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol is the cholesterol found in foods, and only foods of animal origin contain it, because animals’ bodies naturally produce this waxy, fat-like substance. So when you eat an animal-based food (think eggs, dairy, meat, seafood)…

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January 7, 2015 / Happy Dietitian

Is Spice Naughty or Nice? – Foodie Magazine Hong Kong

My article debating the health benefits of spicy foods originally posted here is featured in the January issue of foodie magazine. Yay! Please check it out.

Click here (page 29-30 on to read article. Free copy of magazine available at 600+ locations around HK.

foodie Jan 2015

December 8, 2014 / Happy Dietitian

Let us re-gift!

I am so grateful to be working very closely with two amazing charities, FeedingHK and PathFinders. When I visit the office, I am inspired by the work that they do on a daily basis to help those in need, right here in Hong Kong. This Christmas, in keeping with the giving and ‘waste not’ spirit, I hope we can help fill some basic office needs of these two charities who work tirelessly to serve the community.
I got the idea of re-gifting when I noticed that black and blue pens were hard to find around the office. They were either running out of ink or multi-colored. I asked the office staff why there were only green pens lying around and she replied, “because they were donated (with a sweet smile)”. When I got home, I gathered all the pens I’ve collected while traveling or attending seminars and compiled a nice pack that will eventually be of much use for somebody else. The same thing happened at FeedingHK with mugs and utensils. I’m sure all of you have stuff lying around the house that would love to find a new home too. It’s a small ask, but makes life that much easier for the people behind these wonderful charities.

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September 16, 2014 / Happy Dietitian

Hidden Gems at the Wet Market – Foodie Magazine Hong Kong


New article on foodie! I share my top 6 nutritious foods hidden at the local wet market.

August 23, 2014 / Happy Dietitian

Hiking Adventures: Tai O Infinity Pool and Waterfall


Everyone is talking about the “secret” infinity pool at Tai O and for good reason. It’s absolutely stunning!

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August 20, 2014 / Happy Dietitian

15 Free Education Apps for Pre-schoolers

Piggybacking off the very popular post on pre-k teacher’s favourite children’s books, I asked Mrs. Jennifer for her recommendations on education apps. Kids can learn so much from using the following apps and they’re all FREE!

My First Words, By Innovative Mobile Apps

Myfirstword Read more…

August 18, 2014 / Happy Dietitian

Travel Adventures: Junk Boat from Aberdeen to Stanley


Swimming, sunbathing, wake boarding , and just relaxing on the boat with a cold beverage. Divine! Read more…


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