Manicure and Pedicure like the Pros

By: Wendy Wu, R.D., M.S.

1) A base coat provides a smooth surface for the nail polish and prevents chipping. I chose Diana calcium milk enamel ($7.50 USD) to help build up thin and weak nails. Deborah Lippman’s ‘Turn back time‘ ($18 USD) nail treatment is another great base coat.

2) Nail Polish color of your choice. Paint two coats. I usually use essie ($7) or estee lauder ($19). CHANEL ($26) also makes a really great nail polish line.

3) No chip top coat for extra shine and protection. I like Sally Hansen’s NO CHIP 10 Day Nail Color ($6).

4) Nail Polish remover. Deborah Lippman’s the Stripper ($16) is a very popular nail polish remover.

Read Good Housekeeping’s article on Nail Polish Removers here entitled “Consumer Alert: Acetone-free is not always Hazard-free”.

I have recently discovered Orly gel Fx. Check out their youtube video

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