New York vs. Hong Kong: Food

By: Wendy Wu, R.D., M.S.

Topic 2: Food (Part 2 of a series. Did you get a chance to read New York vs. Hong Kong. Fight! Topic: Transportation?)

New York


Hong Kong

Meal sets

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that I love Hong Kongs meal sets. Almost every restaurant you happen to enter will have a value meal at all times of the day. In comparasion, majority of New York restaurants offer everything a la carte. You actually end up spending quite a bit of money if you want a full meal (Appetizer, entree, drink, and dessert).

Hong Kong Meal Sets


New York has such an amazing array of authentic ethnic restaurants. Hong Kong, not so much. Korean food is weak (even though it’s made by Koreans). Mexican food is awful. Pizza is a shame. If you disagree, can you recommend some restaurants that can compare to Mapo BBQ in Flushing (Korean), La Pinche Taqueria in Nolita (Mexican) and Dani’s House of Pizza in Kew Gardens?

La Pinche


Portions are much larger in New York so there are more opportunities to share a meal. If you can’t finish the meal, take it home. The portions in HK are just right. The feeling after a meal is content, rather than stuffed but I find myself getting hungry 2 hours later.

NYC Sik Gaek….


You can get free refills in NY. Not the case in HK. Honestly, you really should not be getting refills (usually of soda) anyway.

Photo Source:

Doggie Bags

You can get a doggie bag in NY without a weird look. Some HK restaurants will charge you for the containers.

Photo Source:


Both New York and Hong Kong offers a scale of very expensive to very cheap eats. However, your dollar goes much further in Hong Kong just because there are more places to eat cheap. If you go to a Michelin star restaurant in HK, of course you’ll be spending the big bucks and likewise if you go to a five star restaurant in NY, you’ll be breaking out the Benjamins.



Depending on where you go, you can spend a lot of money on groceries or very little. In New York, Whole Foods vs. Local Chinese Supermarket. In Hong Kong, ThreeSixy vs. Local Wet Market. Prices vary depending on the brand but produce is much cheaper in HK.

Health Perspective

Most of the meals in HK include a vegetable as a side and fruit as dessert. I think HK as a whole tend to be more health conscious. Their baked goods are usually mildly sweet (but other foods can be quite salty). It’s pretty hard to get veggies and fruits when you eat out in NY (although there seems to be healthier options in Manhattan).Deli


Katz Deli


I say the majority of restaurants in HK are Chinese and Japanese. In NY, you can find authentic Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Asian Fusion, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, American, Turkish, Italian, Mexican, Jamaican, West Indian, and anything your heart desires. Seems like every week there’s a new restaurant opening in New York that everyone MUST try. I love the uniqueness of each restaurant, even the hole-in-the-wall places (which are my favorite)!

Variety of Cuisines in NY
Asian Food in HK


HK gets 1 point for their value meal sets in almost every restaurant.

NY gets 1 point for authentic ethnic food.

NY get 1 point for having larger portions.

HK: NO refills vs. NY: Free refills- DRAW.

NY gets 1 point for allowing people to take home food without a problem.

HK gets 1 point for having cheap food everywhere.

HK gets 1 point for having cheaper groceries.

NY gets 1 point for variety.

HK 4 points and NY 4 points. This ones a draw. Or should NY take this it just based on authenticity and variety?

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8 thoughts on “New York vs. Hong Kong: Food

  1. You can find lots of indian, italian, middle eastern, and western food in Hong kong which is authentic, and many places are constantly opening up near the central area especially wyndham street where i found gelato, hot dogs, burgers, italian, indian, french, and turkish. Head over to chunking mansion for indian or african food. So many holes in the wall, the malls are also better with cheaper tickets and luxurious seats, just look at IFC. Head east and you can find an asian fusion burger hole in the wall or bahn mi. The buildings are constructed in far more adventurous ways, subway stations are practically malls! The airport is huge!

    I really wanted to like New york when i went there but it looks like it is still stuck in the past, Asia is advancing far beyond the US and unless things change, the USA won’t be as exceptional. HONG KONG IS PRACTICALLY CORUSCANT!

    1. Coruscant! Lol…I stopped by a traditional Korean restaurant in Sai Wan Ho the other day and was really surprised! It was actually good. I’ll have to try the places you mentioned and do more discovering. Thanks for your comment!

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