25 Things U.S. Visitors Should Know About Hong Kong

Thinking about taking a trip to Hong Kong? Here’s a simple list of things you should know.

International Hong Kong-Lan Kwai Fong

1) Malls blast the AC, so bring a light jacket.


2) Wear comfortable shoes. You do a lot of walking in Hong Kong.

I recommend Toms. Except in the rain.

3) Prepare yourself for the crowds.

So many people!

4) If you’re sick, wear a mask. Be considerate and don’t spread your germs.

Stop the spread of germs

5) Know the locations of nearest bathrooms. Usually at big malls, parks, and restaurants.

6) Speak English. HK is very international, especially around tourist traps. You actually get better customer service in the malls.

7) No eating or drinking in trains and paid areas of the train station or else this will happen (Mainland girl eating in MTR caused controversy in HK).

8) No need to TIP. Some restaurants may charge a 10% fee which will be reflected on your bill.

9) Learn how to BARGAIN.

10) At restaurants, waitresses will give you the check and wait by your side for you to pay. I think the concept is, its’ better that they wait for you than for you to have to wait for them (to come around and pick up the money).

11) Be careful of pickpockets.

12) Most clothing stores only offer one size. Small.

13) If you find a store that offers multiple sizes, make sure you try the items on. HK sizes run much smaller than the U.S.

14) No returns for purchases in HK. Exchange within 7 days (some stores). So you better make sure you really want the item.

15) Most name brand clothing stores will do alterations for you free of charge.

16) It’s “Washroom”, not “Bathroom/Restroom”. It’s “Take away”, not “To go/Take Out”.

17) Be careful of scams. Especially with package deals. Go to reputable places.

18) Drivers seat is on the right side. Opposite of the U.S.

19) Escalators are also on the opposite side.

20) Bring your own bags when grocery shopping or pay .50 cents HK for a bag.

21) Be careful of the stairs. Some are super steep and others are tiny baby steps.

22) Make sure you walk fast. No strolling. Especially in the MTR.

23) Have tissue packets with you at all times. Most restaurants and some bathrooms don’t provide napkins/toilet paper.

24) Want to buy brand name stuff like CHANEL, GUCCI, BURBERRY, Coach? Forget it, much cheaper in the U.S.

25) Can’t stress this one enough. They drive on the opposite side of the road so LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET!

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