10 Tips to Find the Perfect Facial Technician

I’ve been getting facials for quite some time and only recently have I found the perfect technician. I wanted to share with you why I think she’s perfect. Here’s a guide to finding the right facial technician.

1) Does she spend a good amount of time massaging you and uses the right amount of pressure?

2) A good technician will use her hands to clean out a popped pimple because it hurts the least.

3) If a pimple is popped, is there puss the next day? If there is, the technician didn’t do a good job cleaning out the pore.

4) Are beauty tips offered to you? Are steps explained to you?

5) Are most of the whiteheads removed? Were whiteheads removed around the neck?

6) This one is important. Make sure the technician you use doesn’t have bad breath.

7) Don’t use a technician that would answer the phone during a the session.

8) Go with the technician that hurts you the least during extractions.

9) Your face should be getting better over time. Not worse or same as the first session.

10) A good session should last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours (cleansing, steaming, extractions, disinfecting, massaging, and mask).

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