20 Kitchen Gadgets to Aww Over

Honey Jar
Tea Drip Catcher

Moo Moo Little Whisk
Microwave Egg Boiler
Mr. Potato Masher
Piggy Wiggy Sink Strainer
Dude Veggie Brush
Garlic Pod
Strawberry Slicer
Piggy Wiggy Silicone Spatula
Eggsentials 3 Piece Set
Spud Brush
Korny Corn Holder
Kitch Devil Oven Pull
Piggy Wiggy Fry Pan
Lemon Pod
Piggy Wiggy Grip
Kitchen Timer
Moo Moo Cheese Pod
Omelet Pan

All gadgets available at joieshop.com or Bed Bath and beyond. Enjoy!

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