How many “packs” of sugar are in Arizona Iced Teas?

Be sure to read the game rules before proceeding…

Are you ready to be shocked?

arizona iced tea happy dietitian

Answer: Venti size (or 23.5 oz Can to be exact)

Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey 13 packs of sugar

Raspberry Iced Tea 16 packs of sugar

Original Lemon Iced Tea 18 packs of sugar

sugar happy dietitian

sugar happy dietitian

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7 thoughts on “How many “packs” of sugar are in Arizona Iced Teas?

  1. This is exactly why I stay away from all the sugar-based drinks: anytime I would drink one of them, I would get really high with energy – ten minutes later I would crash. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Man! And to think I used to down those drinks like no one’s business! I do love their “diet” variety… but I know, I know, the fake sugar in that isn’t healthy either, but honestly, Splenda is my only vice! LOL.

    1. Haha..seriously me too! I limit my splenda to at most 1 pack per day just in case new studies come out saying they cause some weird disease like growing an extra ear or something. I admit, I used to gulp down the Arizona Green Tea with Honey + Ginseng like nothing thinking it was actually good for me. SMH

  3. for people bitchin about sugar. Its fine to have these drinks becuase sugar is good for you! in small quantities sugar is really healthy and you need it to live. i drink about 1-2 of these a day. i have great blood pressure, good heart rate and am all around a pretty healty person.

    also splenda can kill you faster! splenda was proven to have more affects in cloging your arteries than any other sugar packs. plus it can catch on fire. ON FIRE! so all in all. let us drink our delicious green tea drink and keep your vegain lives out of ares. :p

    also i dont really mean any hate. just want to bring the facts.

    1. Yes, sugar in small quantities is fine but we certainly don’t need to pour 13 packs of sugar down our throats.

      Splenda is backed by over 20 years of research and is recommended by both American Diabetes Association and Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition but in my opinion, it’s best to limit to just one pack per day. I’m also not surprised that it catches on fire, many other foods catch on fire as well.

      Bottom line, small quantities. Moderation. =)

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