Part II. Not a Fan of the Gym? No Problem!

By: Wendy Wu, R.D., M.S.

Wait! Before you proceed. Did you read Part I of Not a Fan of the Gym? No Problem!? Ahhh…now you’re ready. Part I showed you that dancing can be a great form of exercise. Part II will show you that there are plenty of other activities you can do if you prefer to skip the gym. Are you up for the challenge?

1) Basketball. Shoot around for half an hour. Go for the lay-up and jump shots. Just have fun!

basketball happy dietitian

2) Golf at a driving range. Not miniature golf, but real practice swings. *ahem* preferably not in high heels. Make it a ladies night if you wanna turn some heads. FOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Golf happy dietitian

3) Bicycling. Go around the block. Rent a bike at the park. Take your partner on a tour around a old town. Make new memories. Discoveries.

Bicycling happy dietitian

4) Tennis. Borrow a friends’ racket and hit the ball like nobody’s business. For the ladies, buy one of those cute tennis mini skirts. They’re adorable and guaranteed to make jaws drop!

tennis happy dietitian

5) Rock climbing. They have some pretty cool beginners packages available almost anywhere. Just google for your nearest rock climbing location. Groupon occasionally will offer a deal. Be on the lookout.

rock climbing happy dietitian

6) Jog. Anywhere. Anytime. Grab a friend. Find your perfect pair first.

running happy dietitian

7) Window Shopping (Not online shopping). Stop, look, reach, try them on, pull em up, pull um down, squeeze! Power walk to the next store (Not in heels ladies). Distribute bags equally on both arms. AHHHHH! Nothing better than dropping them all down on the floor when you get home.

Shopping happy dietitian

8) Skateboard. Grab your kid brothers dusty skateboard and just go at it. Don’t hurt yourself. I will not be held responsible. Wear padding. =)

skateboard happy dietitian

9) Rollerblade! Find a smooth surface and roll your troubles away.

rollerblade happy dietitian

10) Hiking. Plan a group trip, pack your lunch, stay hydrated and just do it.

hiking happy dietitian

11) Jump Rope. Go to your backyard, front yard, ally way, where ever…and “jump jump”.

jump rope happy dietitian

12) Yoga. It’s better to join a class but you can also do it quietly at home with the video below or your game console.

yoga happy dietitian

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