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February 17, 2012 / Happy Dietitian

20 Best Contemporary Routines on So You Think You Can Dance

1) Lacey and Kameron-Dancing

2) Sasha and Kent-Fool of Me

3) Travis and Heidi-Calling you

4) Kayla and Kupono-Gravity

5) Billy, Alex and Ade-The Bitter Earth

6) Katee and Joshua-Hometown Glory

7) Kathryn and Legacy-2 Steps Away

8) Katee and Will-Imagine

9) Ellenore and Jakob-Tore my heart

10) Ade and Melissa-This Woman’s Work

11) Melanie and Marko-Turn to Stone

12) Marko and Allison-I know it’s over

13) Kent and Neil-How it Ends

14) Robert and Allison-Fix You

15) Randi and Evan “Butt”- Koop Island Blues

16) Billy and Kathryn- Jar of Hearts

17) Lauren and Ken- Collide

18) Ade and Billy- Mad World

19) Robert and Kathryn- Heaven is a place on earth

20) Ashley and Ade-Cosmic Love

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