Cool Infographic On Happy Meals


4 thoughts on “Cool Infographic On Happy Meals

  1. I did a report on childhood obesity in Australia a few years back and learned SO much about the media and advertising industry. We really must protect our future generations by preserving their health and educating them on the fundamentals of nutrition. These stats are pretty scary…20% of kids being obese just isn’t necessary….hopefully the US will get to a healthier place as a nation soon. PS. thanks for the note on my ‘About’ page…so thoughtful and sweet 🙂

  2. The media and advertising industry are only partly to blame. The tobacco industry is a prime example. The government can raise the cost of cigarettes, add a surgeon generals warning and paste grotesque amputations on the boxes but people are still buying them.

    Parents are the ones introducing and purchasing these foods to their children. Kids will always want to watch TV, play video games, play with the newest toys and eat salty, sugary, fatty foods. It’s really the parents responsibility to teach their children the difference between nutritious foods and “sometime” foods. Parents need to monitor and educate, then hopefully the kids will make the right choices.

    I can go on and on about this topic. Bottom line is, you can’t force someone to change when they don’t want to, even if it’s for their own good.

  3. Great Job! Everything I have known for years trough documentaries like Food Inc., Forks over Knifes, FoodMatters, and Food Fight, is true. Especially the marketing efforts of the big Mc D’s is all true. I have watched people carelessly eat them selfs in to obesity, diabetes, and finally premature death. I read last week that an old lady from Gruzia (Former Republic of Russia), died at the age of 132! She never ate fast foods, always worked in her organic garden growing freshest fruits and vegetables. She also had a loving supporting family, and in her words had a shot of brandy every night to help her fall a sleep. To your health!


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