11 Gym Essentials and 6 Pseudo Members

By: Wendy Wu, R.D., M.S.

The gym is a great place to relieve stress, get fit, and maintain good health. Not everyone goes to the gym for these reasons though. Look around carefully and you’ll spot these pseudo gym members. 1) The guy that spends 1 minute at each machine with a “I gotta push this poop out” look and acts like he’s having a great workout. 2) The girl with her cute pink juicy outfit walking on the treadmill for the last hour, playing with her phone and not a drop of sweat on her forehead. 3) The meat head working out in front of the mirror admiring himself. He’s been at the gym for the last 5 hours. 4) The guy that’s completely clueless, walking around the gym in circles ultimately ending up at the elliptical. Get a trainer or do some research. 5) The Gawker. The guy that goes to the gym to pick up girls. Ladies, don’t wear tight clothes and shorts. 6) The after school program teens. Two or three of them hovering over the bench press or assisted pull up machine cracking up at god knows what. I say these teens need a trainer as a group leader and a space all to themselves. Far away from serious members who really just want a quick workout and to go home and rest. Now go have fun and find these pseudo gym members!

happy dietitian

Oh, if you’re heading to the gym today don’t forget your 11 Gym Essentials.

1) A bag that’s simple, affordable, and most importantly is machine washable.

gym bag happy dietitian

2) There are thieves in the gym so be careful with your valuables. Buy a crowbar resistant hardened steel lock. Better to be safe than sorry.

lock happy dietitian

3) A BPA-free filtered water bottle. Especially if you’re taking a hour long class. Keep hydrated.

waterbottle happy dietitian

4) Gloves. The callus that forms is NOT sexy. Be smart and prevent them, especially if you’re using machines and weights. Wash your gloves often!

gloves happy dietitian

5) A stylish and small armband for your phone or mp3 player. It took me a while to find the perfect one that fits my arm.

armbands happy dietitian

6) A mp3 player of some sort and your Nikeplus if you plan to run on the treadmill.

nike plus happy dietitian

7) A comfy pair of sneakers.

sneaker happy dietitian

8) Smart work out gear.

Ladies: A tank top that stays dry and 3/4 pants so boys don’t look up your crotch when you’re doing leg presses. Sweat pants are comfy but they’re too hot and heavy for working out.

work out gear happy dietitian

work out pants happy dietitian

Gents: A sleeveless or regular T-Shirt that stays dry and comfy shorts with pockets.

shirt happy dietitian

short happy dietitian

9) If your gym doesn’t provide towels, then you might consider these super absorbent microfiber towels with a key holder.towel happy dietitian

These have a hooded end which holds onto a upright bench.

towle happy dietitian

10) If you plan on taking a shower at the gym. I highly recommend protective gear…for your feet! Athlete’s foot, plantar warts, onychomycosis and other fungi and bacteria thrive in warm and moist areas.*shivers*

happy dietitian

You might even consider these for maximum protection.

happy dietitian

happy dietitian

11) Bring your own travel mat if you plan on spending a good amount of time on the floor for stretches, stability ball exercises, etc.

happy dietitian

Have you ever heard of Philip Stein Teslar Watches? They claim to reduce stress and improves sleep, focus, and performance. One of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

philip stein watch happy dietitian

or perhaps a heart rate monitoring watch like this one from Polar.

happy dietitian polar watch

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