Favorites (March 2012)

By: Wendy Wu, R.D., M.S.

I had no idea since posting 15 Must Have Products in Janurary that I would continue to purchase 15 brand new products every month. I’m usually loyal to products that have worked in the past but once in a while, you gotta try something new.

Now that I’m fully aware of the toxins in everyday products, I’m a little bit more cautious of the beauty products I purchase. I say “a little” because it’s actually quite difficult to shop for toxin free products in HK. The reason being…most of the products do not have ingredients listed on the labels. It’s frustrating, but I’m planning to stock up on toxin free goodies when I head back to the states. Regardless, it’s still fun to shop and share. The following are 15 of my great new products of the month.

1) Missha glitter nail polish. I’m planning to copy Lindsey McKitterick’s one glitter finger style.

happy dietitian

2) A.H.C Hydra B5 Soother, Toner and Cream. I love this set. It really hydrates my skin.

 happy dietitian happy dietitian

3) Ambi Pur. This product was featured in my previous post but I didn’t have a picture with the box. The smell lasts. No plug required. happy dietitian

4) Moisturize your hands as you sleep. Or it works great if you have eczema and scratch your skin at night.

happy dietitian

5) LUSH HERBALISM. Bought this product based on a review by snobbygirl17 and I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I can feel a dramatic difference in my skin. I use it at night every other day.

happy dietitian

6) Missha BB Boomer. Boosts adherence and duration of the BB cream.

happy dietitian

7) Missha BB cream. Wrinkle repair + whitening + SPF 25. Great coverage.  Non-chemical. Paraben-free. Mineral oil-free. Alcohol-free. GMO-free. Triclosan-free. Benzophenone-free.

happy dietitian

8) Missha Pure Revolution Deep Clean Oil Gel. Magically removes the Missha BB cream without an oily residue (even though it’s a oil gel). The two products work great together.

happy dietitian

9) QV cream. This product is so amazing but it’s a bit pricy at ~$15 a jar. Great for dry skin and eczema.happy dietitian

10) iPhone or iPad pen. Perfect for Pinterest addicts. This is my finger savior.

happy dietitian

11) Tooth Paste Squeezer. One of my favorite products. Saves countertop space and it’s so handy.

happy dietitian happy dietitian

12) Adorable Lunch Bags

happy dietitian happy dietitian

 happy dietitian happy dietitian

happy dietitian happy dietitian

13) Lightweight-mesh sunglasses case. Perfect for on the go.

happy dietitian

14) Ambi Pur Mini Fresh. Keep your clothes smelling laundry-fresh with this small space freshener.

happy dietitian

15) A little self-promotion. NYBowtique.com Hand-crafted jewelery for the dog lover (that’s you). Each piece is inspired by a special person in my life <3.

happy dietitian nybowtique.com

*~*~*If you’re interested in finding or purchasing any of the above products, feel free to leave a message.*~*~*

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