10 Things to Love and Hate About New York, New York

By: Wendy Wu

1) The Food and Culture

What I love most about New York is the variety of authentic food and cultural diversity. There are so many great Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indian restaurants, mainly because of its large immigrant population. New York is truly made up of a melting pot of creative people. Maybe that’s why the city is full of vibrant colors, cool architecture and funky character. Theater, Art, Music, Dance and Literature-New York has them all. There’s always something interesting to see, eat and do.

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2) The 4 seasons

Ahhh…how lovely it is to see the beautiful NY in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. The colors that each season creates is just heartwarming. The gorgeous brown, orange, and yellow that Fall brings. Halloween Trick-O-Treating. Cute coats. Family meal on Thanksgiving. Beginning of school for the rugrats.

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Then comes Winter, where we celebrate with bright red, white, gold and green of Christmas. Beautiful white sparkly snow. Ice skating. Oven baked cookies. Hot chocolate. UGG boots. Snowboarding.

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What celebration we have when Spring arrives. Flowers. Rain boots. Cute dresses. New Love. Old Love.

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Finally, the ocean waves of the summer. Short Shorts. Frappuccinos. Barbeques. The Hamptons. Hiking. Yup, there’s nothing like having four seasons.

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3) Shopping

There’s a reason why New Yorkers on average own over 15 pairs of shoes (men and women)…because of the constant changes in fashion, sales, and abundance of shops taunting us to buy their products. It doesn’t help when your best friend sticks a pair of Manolos in your face either. Or even worse, the latest Chanel Bag. How evil. There goes a months mortgage.

Oh the convenience of Soho where you just walk down the street and *bam* shops galore. The devils lane also known as 5th avenue. Roosevelt field mall. Department stores like Barneys, Saks, Bloomingdale’s…Macy’s. Woodbury Commons and Tanger Outlets where you think you’re getting a great deal. *Sigh* There’s no denying it…shopping is great in NYC-even at target and Costco.

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  4) Broadway Shows, Outdoor festivities, and other fun adventures

There’s an activity for everyone. Broadway shows. Bungee Jumping. Rock Climbing. Jazz Clubs. Museums. Food Tours. Book Readings. Comedy Clubs. Apple picking. Pumpkin Picking. Ice skating. Outdoor concerts. Farmers Market. Cupcakes! The list goes on and on and on.

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  5) Public Transportation

As much as I think the MTA is disgustingly filthy and scary, it gets me where I need to go at all hours, everyday. Seriously though, they need a major makeover and air fresheners. Here’s what I really think about the MTA.

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What I Hate…

6) Tips

To Insure Prompt Service. When did it become a requirement to pay TIPS??? Where waitstaff will come running after you if there was no TIP left on the table. Beauty technicians will give you the death stare if your tip isn’t high enough. Just add the TIPS into the purchase price. Really, I don’t mind. Just don’t ask me for a TIP for mediocre service.

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7) Money going down the drain…drain…drain

a) Rich gets even richer. Corruption. Someone’s pocketing the cash.

b) Welfare/Food Stamps/Medicaid needs tighter control. You should not be allowed to purchase soda, chips, candy and cookies with a EBT card. I’m definitely PRO drug testing if you want to receive any government assistance.

c) 30% of our paycheck for taxes. Really? I think we should model after Hong Kong. Flat rate of 12% taxes for all. Period.

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8) Pollen

Was there always pollen? How come it’s gotten progressively worse over the last 10 years? Are there organizations secretly planting these male trees so we can spend money on medications, shots, acupuncture? Kidding!

  • Catalpa
  • Elm
  • Hickory
  • Olive
  • Pecan
  • Sycamore
  • Walnut

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9) Parking

We all have cars but nowhere to park. Then we get tricked by the ever-changing NYC parking signs, tow trucks, broken meters, and shady quota fulfilling traffic cops. It’s all a big scam I tell ya.

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10) Crime

Every day I get breaking news alerts from 7online about someone in NY whose been shot, beaten, mugged, robbed, kidnapped, raped, or murdered. Public masturbation is considered a crime of indecent exposure. I’m sure you all know someone who’s been the victim of a crime in NY. How many sex offenders are living in your neck of the woods today? I have 1,793 in Forest Hills. Hence, I don’t go out at night without a chaperone. I hold onto my bag for dear life. I try not to wear anything expensive around scary neighborhoods. I’m always on the lookout for suspicious looking people (yea, I watch my back). It’s true what they say…If you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere.

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Oh my lovely, New York


4 thoughts on “10 Things to Love and Hate About New York, New York

  1. Waitstaff makes their only money in tips practically. They get minimum wage and have to split their tips 50/50 most of the time with busser, food runners, bar tenders, hosts, etc., so if you leave no tip, they really just paid THEIR money in order to serve you because they have to tip those people out.

    1. If Tips weren’t expected nowadays in much of the US, waitstaff would be paid by the employer with a monthly salary. I’m well aware of how Tips work in restaurants. I’m also aware that most other countries have no such thing, mainly because excellent service should be expected of the waitstaff to start. What you mentioned is the reality behind Tips. It’s not to reward for prompt service anymore. It’s not a choice either, it’s a “requirement”. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need to give Tips? Think about it. =)

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