10 Simple Ways to Move Your Butt

By: Wendy Wu, R.D., M.S.

Now that the weather is practically perfect…it’s time to get movin’! No more being a couch potato, peoples.  The following are 10 everyday ways to move your butt.

1. Whip out your dusty Wii and play a game of tennis. Just aim for one game (you just might end up playing more).

happy dietitian

2. Instead of using a mop or swifter to clean the floor. Go on all fours and wipe Cinderella-style with a rag and bucket.

happy dietitian

3. Gardening. Plant some veggies or compost!

happy dietitian garden

4. Make homemade bread and knead the dough by hand.

happy dietitian

5. Plan a hiking trip.

happy dietitian

6. Fly a kite.

happy dietitian

7. Family fun. Purchase a few water guns that requires manual pumping and spray away!

happy dietitian

8. A simple game of catch.

happy dietitian

9. Skip the elevator or escalator. Take the stairs.

happy dietitian

10. Stroll around at a indoor mall or department store. Target closes late!

happy dietitian

On a side note: Can you handle a TOUGH MUDDER Challenge?

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