10 Things to Love and Hate about Hong Kong

By: Wendy Wu

What I Love…

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1) Convenience.

I have never experienced the same kind of convenience as I have in HK. I’m not talking about the convenience of having restaurants, bars, and supermarkets nearby your home. I’m talking about the convenience of having malls, the airport, trains to China, and even DisneyLand with a hop, skip and MTR train ride away. Since I live in TKO Plaza, I can walk down to my mall, walk over to The Edge Mall, then to Popcorn Mall and straight into the MTR. I can travel to anywhere I’d like without ever having to step outside into the sometimes overwhelmingly excruciating humid air. I can go from mall to mall, mall to airport, mall to DisneyLand using the air-conditioned underground tunnel. Now that is convenience. Everything that I will ever need is located minutes away.

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2) The MTR

Clean. Affordable. Air-conditioned. Efficient. User-friendly. Multilingual. Read all about it in my previous post HK MTR vs. NY MTA.

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3) Healthcare

Hong Kong really does take good care of its people. All I have to say is healthcare is affordable. Even for visitors. Read all about it in my previous post Healthcare-US vs. HK.

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In most other parts of the world, there’s no such thing as tipping. If they want you to pay a service fee, they’ll add it into your check. The price that is listed in the stores is the price that you pay. That’s all. No tax. No tip. Nobody to give you faces or chase you down the street for money that is supposed to be given for superb service.

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5) All Encompassing: People, Low Crime, Respectful.

Besides real estate being overly priced, I think HK is such a wonderful place to live. Not only for the things I’ve mentioned above but for its people, low crime, and care.

How do I even begin to write about the HK people. I’ll try to say it with as little words as possible. Hard Working. Driven. Responsible. Clean. Orderly. Polite. Keep to themselves. Mindful. Respectful. Of course, not all. BUT most, and that’s what makes this place a great place to live. There’s no graffiti of public property. No fighting in public pools.  No attitude everywhere you go (DMV). Rarely any rude sales people. Nobody being shot or stabbed to death every other day. People are conscientious and believe in karma. What goes around, comes around.

What I Hate

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1) So Many People!!

Everywhere. Crossing the street. Lines at restaurants. Packed like sardines in the train during rush hour. Mongkok! Holly cow, I don’t even want to go out on the weekends because there are just so many people.

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2) The Air

It’s hard to breathe when I go out to congested areas like Mongkok, Central, Prince Edward and Shamshuipo. Living out in New territories is a lot better but still not as fresh as I’d like.

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3) Hard Sell

Boy do the sales people push you. Some can talk your head off. I just want to shop in peace. I’ll ask for help when I need it. Don’t creep up on me and Don’t follow me around.

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4) Humidity

My precious clothes and bags experienced the wrath of humidity. Yes, molding in my closet. I didn’t know at first but apparently, in HK you have to dehumidify the air in your home. Not only did my closet get ruined but the walls were also growing mold.

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5) Lacking in Authentic Ethnic Food

I really miss good Mexican, Korean, and Italian food. Here’s a previous post about NY vs. HK: Food.

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