YouTube Beauty Gurus-Favorite Videos

happy dietitian

I’ve been youtube obsessed as of late and I wanted to share with you some videos I found extremely helpful. I will warn you ahead of time that you will probably become a product junkie after watching all these videos.

I realized that I didn’t have a lot of the essentials for putting on makeup and for taking it off so I visited my local beauty stores (actually I went to about 15 of them within a week-Sasa,Colourmix, Bonjour, Mannings Plus, Watsons, Actual stores, etc) and purchased a bunch of really nice stuff.

I’m going to post up another Haul from Sasa (Asia Sephora) real soon. I’ll also write up another post on good quality products recommended by these gurus (some I’ve tried, some not) and I’ll basically do the “research” for you. Just as an example, most of these beauty gurus use MAC or Sigma brushes. MAC brushes are super expensive and Sigma brushes aren’t readily available in HK (they do ship internationally) so I had to find alternatives. My alternatives are much cheaper and they work great. Some of you might have seen my step-by-step beauty routine post in which I listed mostly La Mer products. I’ve learn so much from these beauty gurus and from my facial technician that I have changed many of the products I use on a daily basis. I’ll probably write up another routine post as soon as I find perfect balance with these new and much cheaper products. Anyway, stay tuned for those upcoming posts and I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did! Make sure to hit subscribe.

Morning and Evening Skin Routine

[Beauty Skin Care Routine by Bubzbeauty]

[Morning and Evening Skincare Routine by Allthatglitters21]

Foundation Application

[Simple Every Day Makeup Tutorial by CarliBel55]

[Clubbing Makeup Tutorial by Michelle Phan]


[Secrets to Clear Skin by Bubzbeauty]

[How to Clean Make Up Brushes by MakeupGeekTV]

[Proper Bra Size by frmheadtotoe]

[30 Beauty tips in 4 Mins by Bubzbeauty]

[Oatmeal Cleanser by Bubzbeauty]


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