My Perfect Nursing Home

By: Wendy Wu MS, RD

happy dietitian

In My Perfect Nursing Home, I’d like to treat it very much like a cruise vacation. I offer excellent service, Michelin star food, thorough housekeeping, the best medical equipments, and most importantly quality entertainment! It would also be super duper cool if my perfect nursing home was mobile (as in…it’s a real cruise ship that travels around the world). Think it would be possible? =D

happy dietitian

Now let’s begin with…

The Medical Staff

happy dietitian

There’s no such thing as being understaffed. Each department will have a comfortable office and be equipped with everything that is needed.

Doctors/Physicians Assistants are always present at the facility 24/7.

Nurses and CNAs are so well staffed that all resident needs are fully addressed.

Psychologists assess every single patient for psychological services.

The Physical and Occupational Therapy Department are equipped with the latest machines.

All other departments (Social Workers, Dietitians, Recreation Therapists, Speech Therapists) are well staffed.

The home would be equipped with everything that a hospital has so there’s no need to send residents out.

International Cuisines

The food would be prepared by top notch Executive Chefs and offers a variety of international choices. Menus are created daily and will be displayed on a designated TV channel. Residents can choose buffet, casual dining, fine dining, quick bites and room service.  Supervised by an RD, all meals are portion controlled and follow individualized therapeutic diets. A separate room is available for residents needing more assistance with meals. Residents can also invite their families over for a family meal.

The Pureed and Chopped foods would look more like this (but even better):

and less like this:

or this:


My favorite part would be the Entertainment Department. A monthly calendar and daily activities guide would be provided to each resident and are also available on a designated TV channel. Residents can build a schedule around their medical appointments. The following are the entertainment provided in the nursing home. Nobody will be bored and there’s something for everyone to do.

  • Comedy Club

happy dietitian

  • Dance Club
  • Theater

happy dietitian

  • Movie Room
  • Karaoke Bar

happy dietitian

  • Cooking room with 6 different cooking stations
  • Game Room

happy dietitian

  • Arts and Crafts Room
  • Library

happy dietitian

  • Gym
  • Billiard
  • Bowling Alley

happy dietitian

  • Green House
  • Function Room
  • Petting Zoo and Fish Tank

happy dietitian

House Keeping

Besides the rooms being super clean, I’d like to add the following final touches:

  • Fresh Flowers or Plants in each room

happy dietitian

  • Nice oil diffusers or Potpourri

happy dietitian

  • Towel Animals on occasion

happy dietitian

  • Lovely smelling bath products

happy dietitian

  • 1000 Thread Count Bedding

happy dietitian

Ahhhhhh…it might be wishful thinking to have a nursing home like this but wouldn’t you like to live the rest of your life traveling the world, eating the finest of foods, being taken care of by highly trained medical staff and be pampered with good housekeeping? This would be my perfect nursing home indeed.
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