5 Ways to Be Beauty Organized

1. Care kits. If you have extra makeup bags laying around, put them to good use by separating them into “kits”. Ex: Nail Care kit, First Aid kit, Nail Polish Kit, etc.

nail care kit  nail polish kit

2. Brushes

  • Keep your brushes in a brush organizer, any ol’ jar or learn how to make your own from Ingrid. Help them stand firm by pouring in some small pebbles, dried beans, or even rice!
  • I use a disposable shower cap to keep dust away from my brushes.
  • Used brushes should be kept away from brand new ones.


organize brushes

3. Donut Earphone cable holder. Keep your earphones tangle free in your beauty bag.

donut cable organizer

4. Have clothespins laying around? Put them to good use! Ex: Toothpaste place holder, hold hand towels in place, use as a bag clip, etc.


5. Recycle small boxes. My floss picks come in these small boxes and I reuse them like a library for my Q-Tips, Bobby Pins, rectangle cotton pads, etc.



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