Not Your Typical Stinky Plants

The following are some of the stinkiest plants I have ever come across (and enjoy eating). If you thought garlic and onions were bad, you’ve experienced nothing yet!


Chinese Chives. Once it’s inside your grocery bag, you will wonder who farted and why is it lingering all around you. It’s that powerful. I love it sauteed with strips of squid. ^.^


Daikon Radish. Best in stews, soup or pickled. It looks harmless until you chop it open. Once you cook it, the smell just occupies every particle in the air (something your neighbors won’t like). The worst are pickled radishes. It’ll feel like you’ve been slapped in the face with a rotten garbage bag when you open the jar of crunchy goodness.


Green Radish. Usually used for soups. Tastes like radishes but sweeter. The smell is just as pungent when cooked.


Chinese Leeks. Usually used in dumplings. Uh huh, do you know what I’m gonna say next? Yes, the leek is so strong that you can smell it in your burp hours later and let me just add that the smell is EPIC. Epic I tell ya!

yellow chives

Yellow Chives. Very similar to Chinese chives. It smells like rotten garbage but tastes like heaven. Haha! Saute it with everything!

Final words: Don’t eat any of these if you’re planning to go out later that day. No dinner parties. No movies (omg imagine leek burps at the movies, I’d die). And definitely No dates!

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