9 Ways to Be a Beauty Cheapo

1) Find Dupes. If you prefer and have the money for high end products, then that’s great. If not, there might be a dupe for whatever you desire with just a quick google search. Do make sure you see side by side swatches.


Urban Decay Naked Palette 941289

2) Multi-Taskers: Buy products that can work in different ways.

-NYX Jumbo eye pencil can be used as an eye base, for the inner corners, on the water line, and as a highlight.

-Bobbi Brown Shimmers can be used as a highlighter, individual eyeshadows, blush, and in the middle of the bottom lip for a pouty look.

-Brown eyeshadow can be used for contouring the nose, filling in eyebrows, and of course applying crease color/eyelid color or eye liner.

-Elf All Over Color Stick in Persimmon can be used for lip color, highlight, on the eyelids and on the bottom lip for a pouty look.


3) Lotions: Scented lotions can be quite pricey and may not be the best for your skin. Buy a cheap fragrance free lotion/cream and mix-in just a small scoop of your favorite scented lotion.

photo(11) photo(14)

4) Thin Cotton Puffs: Use less product with these super thin puffs.

leed leed

5) Do your research before buying a product. Read Reviews. Download Makeup Alley. One product might work great on one person but not on another.


6) Spray a little evian or another hydrating liquid on your face before applying serums. Since serums can be quite expensive, the little bit of moisture on your face can help spread the product more evenly.

boot no 7


7) DIY: Save money on brush cleaners and use what you have at home: Baby shampoo or Detergent + Olive oil.


8) Find beauty remedies from food around the house (ex: oatmeal face wash, honey mask, lemon astringent, brightening rice water, etc)

oatmeal health honey wound care

9) Coupons and Sales!  Either through weekly circulars sent to your home, email signups (elf, sephora, ulta, etc), store websites (Target, Walgreens, Kmart, CVS, BB&B, etc) or from blogs like Nouveau Cheap, thebargainst, orthekrazycouponlady.

Hope you enjoyed this and have a very very Happy Healthy New Year!!!!


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