Ultimate Tips for Weight Loss and Maintenance

By: Wendy Wu MS, RD

1. Don’t skip any meals. Eat every 4-5 Hours. Eat slowly. Select a designated place to eat each meal without distraction (that means no TV). Keep serving dishes off the table (to prevent going for seconds).

10 Simple Switches for Better Health


2. Involve friends and family. Start a buddy system. Let them know your plan and goals. Keep each other in check.

3. Use smaller plates and bowls. Try eating with chopsticks (they slow you down). Listen to your hunger cues (stop when you feel full). It’s okay to leave a little bit of everything on your plate.

4. Store foods only in the kitchen. Get rid of unhealthy food at home or at least keep them out of sight. Leave easy to eat fresh fruits out on the counter top in a attractive bowl. 

10 Foods to Keep Around the House


5. Drink a cup of water before each meal. Chew on sugarless gum when feeling snacky.

7 Healthy Drink Options


6. Include foods rich in Omega 3-fatty acids, Calcium + Vitamin D each day.

Calcium and the “Sunshine” Vitamin D


Omega-3 Fatty Acids


7. Plan your meals and grocery list. Load up on fruits and veggies. Avoid low quality carbohydrates, saturated fats, trans-fats and high sodium foods. Always choose 100% whole grain. Have low calorie snacks available.

5 Healthy Breakfast Choices

healthy breakfast

10 Healthy Meals with Recipes 

healthy meals

10 Great Snacks

baby carrots in bowl

8. Exercise. Cardio: 30 minutes 4-5 times a week. Strength Training: 15 minutes 2-3 times a week. Or at least try to walk more, take the stairs, bicycle to work, play basketball, or dance your buns off.

Not a Fan of the Gym?


Not a Fan of the Gym II


10 Simple Ways to Move Your Butt


9. Keep a food record.

Write down: (1) where you are eating (2) time (3) how hungry you feel before eating (4) how hungry you feel when you stop eating (5) what you ate and how much (6) your thoughts and feelings

If you still can’t figure out why you’re not losing any weight, get a dietitian to take a look at your food record.

10. Get rid of negative thoughts and high expectations. Take baby steps. Don’t beat yourself up when you have a slip. It’s a lifestyle change. There are no quick fixes. Take it easy.

11. Eat out and eat smart!

Enjoying the sun



5 thoughts on “Ultimate Tips for Weight Loss and Maintenance

  1. My best advice is eat the cleanest food as possible, and lots of it. If you fill up on high quality protein sources, lots of veggies and healthy fats, you won’t have an appetite for sweets and such. Seriously, I know this sounds like baloney, but it works so well. 🙂 I have been 100% sugar free for 10 years and it’s all thanks to Salmon, Spaghetti Squash, Spinach, Green Beans & Sea Vegetables (okay, okay I def. eat way more foods than just those but still, lol)

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