Are You a TreeHugger Health Nut?

Do you ever judge people who eat at fast food restaurants? Look down on people who don’t exercise? Or tell people that they should really buy “natural” and “organic” products? Are you a promoter of all things fresh and eco-friendly? Then I suspect that you do all of the following (and more)!


Health Nut

1) You buy organic food most of the time or at least for the following produce-considered most contaminated by EWG (the Dirty Dozen +2).

  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Sweet Bell Peppers
  • Celery
  • Nectarines
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Pears
  • Grapes (Imported)
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Kale/Leafy Greens


2) You’re familiar with foods like tempeh, seitan, amaranth, hemp seed, manuka honey, vegemite, and goji berries. Check nutrition labels and ingredients lists. Use Fooducate before or while you shop.

3) You stay away from foods with shortening, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, benzoate preservatives (BHA, BHT), MSG, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate, artificial colors/flavoring/sweetener, refined vegetable oil, etc.


4) Try to get all your nutrients from foods so you don’t really use supplements.

5) Recharge on lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, sea veggies, and small amounts of healthy oils, nuts, lean meats and poultry.

6) Rehydrate with water, and other healthy beverage choices.

7) Are mentally healthy so you are understanding, tolerant, have a positive mindset, and a loving heart.

8) You promote breastfeeding.

9) Foods like Hot Dogs, sodas, foie gras, movie-theater popcorn, stick margarine, and Poptarts makes you cringe.


10) Prepare your own meals and may even keep a garden.

11) Shop at Whole Foods, Local Farmers Markets, Trader Joe’s, Fairway, and Health Food Stores.

12) Are involved with CSAs.

13) You have regular bowel movements. If not? Does your poop look like this?


14) Buy free-range, Cage-free, Natural and Organic Eggs/Chicken.

(Choose: Eggland’s Best, Full Circle, Organic Praire or Organic Valley Eggs)

[Choose: Trader Joe’s, Harvestland, or Kroger Chicken]

15) Buy Organic, Natural Grass fed, family farm raised, (kosher) as local as possible, hormone and antioxidant free Beef.

[Choose: Applegate farms, Trader Joe’s, or Organic Prairie Beef]

Other brands you recommend?

16) You avoid toxins found in everyday products like fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfate, BHA, etc.toxicmakeup_550x610

17) Buy sustainable seafood that have low levels of contaminants like mercury, dioxin and PCBs.

[Choose: Wild Alaskan Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Albacore Tuna (troll-or pole caught from US/British Columbia), and Sardines]

[Avoid: Grouper, Bluefin Tuna (aka Toro), Monkfish, Chilean Sea Bass, farmed Salmon, King Mackerel, Orange Roughly, Shark, Mahi Mahi, Black Tiger Shrimp, etc.]

[Check Seafood Watch or Marine Stewardship Council certified fish list.]


18) Don’t dye or perm your hair.

19) Don’t smoke, binge drink, use drugs, or engage in unsafe sex.

20) Sleep 7-8 hours per night.

21) Don’t wear high heels.

22) Exercise regularly.



23) Avoid using elevators and escalators. You take the stairs and ride a bicycle when you can.

24) Of course you recycle and may even have a compost pile.

25) Stay away from plastics that contain BPA and phthalate , cookware that contain PFC’s, and canned goods that contain BPA.

26) Buy Cast Iron Cookware, Glass or Pyrex storage containers or products labeled BPA, phthlates and PFC free.

[Avoid: Plastic containers with a number 3 or 7 and letters PC or PVC. Plastics labeled 1 are for single use only.]

27) Bring your own reusable bags when shopping.

28) Drive a hybrid or fuel efficient car.

29) Don’t use Styrofoam or buy bottled water.

30) Use wet cleaning and CO2 to wash your clothes.


31) Don’t buy merchandise from Forever 21, Aeropostale, Toys ‘R’ Us, Urban Outfitters, and Victoria’s Secret because they are accused of using slave labor. You might as well be a Human Rights Activist too! =D

32) Don’t buy merchandise from Abercrombie and Fitch, Gymboree, Hanes, Ikea, Kohl’s, LL Bean, Pier 1 Imports, Propper International, American Apparel, and Walmart because they are accused of using sweat shops to produce (some of) their goods.

33) Use energy-saving bulbs, double pane windows, and have installed (or have interest in installing) solar panels.

34) Use bamboo flooring, furniture, kitchen tools, clothing, etc.

35) Save energy, water, gas, borrow books/DVD instead of buying, invest in long-lasting products and buy in bulk to save on packaging.

36) Are Vegans, because breeding animals for food is disastrous to the planet. It pollutes the environment while consuming huge amounts of water, grains, petroleum, pesticides and drugs.

Phew That Was a Long List

Have you fulfilled all of the above? Yes? Then wow, you are quite the TreeHugger Health Nut. *High Five*

No? Then you would be a hypocrite if you judge or look down on other people for not leading a healthy lifestyle (in your eyes). If you negatively scrutinize others for not eating healthy foods, they can respond by saying that you use toxic products on our skin. Or say that the car you drive isn’t fuel efficient. Or that you waste resources by buying books. Or that you shop at stores who abuse their employees. You get the point. The list goes on and on. Remember that nobody’s perfect. Try not to put others down for the sake of swelling your ego.

The next time you want to pass judgement on others, think about all the things they can judge you for. Think about all the mean things they can say about you.

“Judge not, lest you be judged” (Matthew 7:1)

What other qualities should a TreeHugger Health Nut possess that I haven’t mentioned? How many can you check off? Please comment here or on facebook!

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