The True Meaning Behind The Chinese New Year Candy Box

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in Hong Kong and most of Asia. Lasting for 15 days, it’s the time of year to visit family and friends, clean the house, tie up any loose ends and start fresh. Flowers, lucky plants, lanterns and auspicious red couplets decorate the house. It certainly is the most festive and happy time of year.

candy box

The Candy Box, also known as the “Box of Harmony” plays a significant role in the celebration process.  A variety of snacks like nuts, seeds, candy and dried fruits are displayed in the box. When friends and family visit, you offer them the candy box along with your blessings. The fun part is that each snack has a hidden meaning. So the treat chosen will be the blessing desired for the year. I usually just pick whatever tastes good without much thought, but have you ever wondered what each of the special treats symbolize?


Two Tangerines (on top of candy box): Extra Blessings

Candy: Money and Sweetness of Life

Lotus Root: Strong Family Ties

Lotus Seeds: Fertility

Cracked Sesame Balls: Laughter

Dried Pineapple: Success, Wealth, Luck

Ginger: Longevity

Water Chestnut: Unity

Gold Chocolate Coins: Good Fortune

Kumquats: Prosperity

Coconuts: Friendship and “Father Son” Unity

Peanuts: Longevity

Longan: Happiness and “Many Good Sons”

Candied Melon: Growth and Health

Red Melon Seeds: Happiness, Joy, Honesty, and Sincerity

Watermelon Seeds: Fertility

Pistachios: Happiness

Mandarin Oranges: Wealth

chinese new year

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

3 thoughts on “The True Meaning Behind The Chinese New Year Candy Box

  1. I luv the detail description of each item and the boxes look so cute. I wish there was a link to know if these boxes can be purchase online or in the United States. Thanks for creating this post. Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

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