Day in the Life: Long Term Care Dietitian’s Office


It’s 9:30am and I’m finally settling into my desk. I take a quick look at the census and note 3 admissions and 2 re-admissions on my floors. I open up my folder and locate the MDS’s that are due. Grab my sticky pad and begin to list the goals for the day. Okay, five quarterly notes needed, 10 day note due for Mr. J and 5 admissions to see. Check back with Mrs. P about her dinner last night, talk to food service director about the possibility of having egg salad more often (because Mrs. R enjoys them), check on how Ms. Z is adjusting on the 10th floor and then go down to 7th floor to see if Mr. C is tolerating the chopped diet. Oh, if I have time I’ll go check on the residents eating in the main dining room.

It’s nice to write down the agenda for the day in order of importance just in case something comes up.  I take a sip of my iced coffee and notice water droplets running down the sides of the cup, it’s awfully hot in here. No windows, cranked up heat and an office close to the hot, humid kitchen can make a girl cranky. I think back to when I was a nutrition assistant doing manual labor in a 90 degrees kitchen. Those days were not fun and I highly respect chefs who do it every single day.

What next. Oh yes, let me put in some food preferences into the computer. Mrs. D didn’t like the fish that was served yesterday for lunch, and wouldn’t mind a sandwich alternative. She also asked to have some strawberry ice cream once in a while. Not a problem since her cholesterol levels has improved significantly since admission. Mr. F is bored with cheerios every morning, let me switch up the cereals so he has more variety. Ms. H would like a banana every morning and Mr. A wants a snack at 8pm.

There’s news from the Morning Report. Mrs. G is put on oral liquid supplements for 5 lb weight loss in a week. Seriously? She eats 100% of her meals and was swollen like a balloon last week-of course she’s going to lose weight. Nurses state MD reduced diuretics. Good. Let me check if a supplement is really needed.

Time to head up to the floors. Hope I can find a seat at the nursing station.

(Stay tuned for Day in the Life: LTC Dietitian at the Nursing Station)


8 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Long Term Care Dietitian’s Office

  1. Hello, is this the life of a dietitian in the LTC setting for HK or the states?
    Love your blog by the way!! Im also a RD/foodie/makeup-skincare fanatic and find this to be such a creative outlet! Thanks!

  2. Hello, a dietitian can work in long term care facilities in hospitals? Or only in nurse homes
    Thanks! Hope to hear you soon.

    1. Hi there. If there is a long term care facility affiliated with a hospital, they are required to employ RD’s in the U.S. Examples in New York would be:

      Long Island Jewish Hospital and Parker Jewish Nursing Home

      Jamaica Health Center and Trump Pavilion Nursing Home

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi! Its great to read your blog! Im about to start my dietetic internship and my first rotation is ltc. Im excited! I love hearing about your experiences! 🙂

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for sharing ur story with us. Ur blog is awesome ! I’m currently doing my intern in nurisng homec, and I am a Homgkonger toooooo. do you remember how many beds/patients you were responsible at ur facility ?


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