10 Ways To Improve a Doctor’s Waiting Room

doctors officeFrom the long wait time, odd smells, people coughing, and the unwelcoming receptionists – a doctor’s office visit can be quite dreadful. What are some ways to create a pleasant waiting room environment? Here are some suggestions. What do you think, are they feasible?

1) Serve coffee or tea, perhaps some individually packaged snacks. The aroma of coffee may help keep your patients calm.

2) Place air purifying plants around the office.

3) Sanitize the entire office. I know that most doctors will sanitize their own work space, but how many sanitize the waiting area? Most people don’t know that they need to cough or sneeze into their sleeves to prevent the spread of germs. Patients, especially kids unknowingly wipe their snot all over the seats and door handles. Sanitize daily, and put up a sign stating so.

Watch this video. You will be shocked! And if you watch till the end, you’ll be downright disgusted!

4) Decorate your office with pictures and flowers. Maybe even your favorite poems or quotes. Not just scary posters.             

5) Time management. Waiting close to an hour to see the doctor is not acceptable. Not to mention, it puts patients at increased risk of catching a virus from your office. Maybe you can offer the option of having your receptionist text message patients 15 minutes before you’re available.

6) Speaking of receptionists, hire some friendly ones. A greeting and a smile once in a while would be nice.

7) Make sure there’s hand soap in the bathroom. People urinate into cups in there and they don’t always aim.

8) Equip the waiting room with a TV or at least play the radio.

9) Keep a wide selection of magazines fresh off the press (not from years ago).

10) Receptionists shouldn’t ask ‘reason of visit’ in front of the waiting room. It can be embarrassing!


What are your experiences at the doctors office? Do you know any doctors who do all of the above? Do you prefer a doctor of the same or opposite sex?


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