2 Blended Fruit Drinks

Green juices are not my thing. I much rather eat an entire bowl of vegetables than to drink them. I am however, a big fan of fruit juices. My favorite mix will have to be watermelon and cantaloupe. When I worked in a restaurant 14 years ago as a juice girl, this mix was called a Pink Lady. Sweet and delicious!

Papaya smoothie is another favorite of mine. Extremely popular in Taiwan, this smoothie is believed to enhance the female parts. Now I don’t think it does anything for the girls but it does help with relieving constipation and keeping the skin beautiful which is good enough for me.

Papaya Smoothiefruit juice smoothies

The sweetness of the watermelon compliments the mild flavor of the dragon fruit and masks the taste of flaxseeds.

Dragon Fruit, Watermelon with Flaxseeds

fruit juice


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