Plant-Based Lifestyle Grocery List

Most times, I go to the wet market not knowing what I’m going to cook. I just buy the fruits and vegetables that look fresh and pick either mushrooms, tofu (beancurd is more filling), edamame, peas or beans to go along with the veg. My staple items are lemons, purple or orange sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, cilantro, tomatoes, avocados, dried seaweed, assortment of dried beans and mixed nuts. I build my meals around vegetables. I usually make a soup with dinner so if I’m hungry late at night, I can heat it up and have a light supper.

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I try to avoid the dirty dozen and GMO foods but organic food is pretty expensive when compared to the wet markets. I usually (not always) buy produce labeled “from New Territories, HK” in hopes that they will have less pesticides. The veggie lady will tell me which items are non-GMO (items she ate while growing up) and I go with her recommendations. I also tend to trust products from Taiwan, Europe, Japan and Korea more than other countries. Pesticides and GMO’s are extremely hard to avoid. I have to constantly remind myself, better safe than sorry. Spend a little more now to save on possible medical bills in the future.

Do you all buy organic for the dirty dozen?

It’s important to note that eating conventionally-grown produce is better than not eating any fruits and vegetables. Choose canned or frozen if its more realistic for your family.



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