Whole Wheat Indonesian Corn Fritters

indonesian corn fritters

Indonesian food is very new to me. Being a New Yorker and growing up in Elmhurst, Queens, I can honestly say I’ve tried a lot of pretty authentic food from all over the world. Indonesian food though, I’ve never tried until meeting the moms of Pathfinders Limited. They opened me to a whole new world of tasty ingredients and dishes. Some of my favorites are soto ayam, tempeh, basko, mie goreng, yellow rice and es campur.

I’ve adopted the Corn Fritter recipe from Indochine Kitchen and made a few tweaks to fit my family’s preferences.

-I omitted the tapioca starch

-replaced the flour with about 1 cup whole wheat flour

-omitted the celery and shallots

-used 3 cobs of corn, 3 pieces of garlic, 3 candlenuts

-only added 1 Thai chili

-added a little water to form the batter

The star ingredient in this recipe are the lime leaves. I’m sure you can use canned corn but fresh corn tastes so much better. Smooth on some Sambal Terasi (ABC brand) and you’re good to go. Delicious!


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