Purple Potato Vegetable Soup

Have you heard the buzz lately about the cancer-fighting, memory boosting purple potato? If you’ve tried it, awesome! If not, give it a go! What I find most challenging with the purple potato is its awfully dry consistency. I have to drink a large gulp of water after each bite or the potato will get stuck in my throat. If you haven’t experienced this, maybe we’re eating different varieties?

photo(2)It’s okay though because I find purple potatoes work best as bases for soups or stews. In this recipe, I used purple potatoes, corn, radish, carrots, red onions and mushrooms. I also added some slices of ginger, few cloves of garlic and a couple of dates to add some sweetness. I chopped up all the ingredients and cooked them till soft. Use an electric soup maker, slow cooker or the good ol’ pot on a stove (reduce the heat after all the veggies have boiled and let simmer for 1-2 hours).

photo 2

photo 3(1)

photo 1(1)The result is a beautiful purple soup!


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