6 Gifts That Keeps on Giving (HK Version)

November is my favorite month of the year because autumn arrives, holidays are around the corner, it’s my birthday month and  it’s the time of year where families get together to celebrate, eat and show each other their appreciation. Oh yes, it’s also the time of year for presents! If you’re in Hong Kong, I hope you will join me in purchasing presents that just keeps on giving. This year, I’m supporting local businesses as well as non-profit organizations. I bet you will find the perfect present for that someone special and tell them about the inspiration behind your purchase. These gifts make great stocking stuffers, builds awareness for the less fortunate, and gives back to the community.

juliens organic honey
Photo Credit: Hong Kong Green Home

Julien’s Organic is a local farmer supplying weekly organic veggies, pure 100% honey and other seasonal products. I don’t know about you but I would love to receive a gift basket from him. The local organic 100% pure honey would be a wonderful present and it’s a steal at $110 hkd/jar. I love how you can also return/reuse the jar to save $5. I’m a big supporter of companies and individuals who promote environmental sustainability.

lensationalLensational is a non-profit social enterprise which aims to empower women in developing countries economically and emotionally through the power of camera lens by teaching women photography.

If you’d like to support Lensational, you may purchase lovely postcards taken by the children of Lahore at $20 hkd per card or $100 hkd for a set. Send your order (quantity and the description of card) to info@lensational.hk.

“The series name is ‘Through Their Lenses’, as these kids were given Lensational’s disposable cameras to freely take snapshots of their everyday life in the Red Light District and village schools at Lahore.” -Peggy Tse, Co-Founder

pathfinder limited

Pathfinders Limited is a charity that’s very close to my heart. I’ve been volunteering with them for a few months now and will dedicate an entire post on my experience with this wonderful organization.

Pathfinders is a non-profit organization helping to empower vulnerable migrant mothers to make informed life decisions and find a dignified path towards a safe and legal future. PF believes in a fair start for every migrant child born in Hong Kong and a fair community for migrant mothers.

Through their Building Lives – Skill Training Class, beneficiaries gain skills (sewing/jewelry/baking) and knowledge (computer/English) they need to take charge of their lives. You can purchase hand-made jewelry and hair bows made by migrant mothers at http://www.shoplineapp.com/pathfinders or…

1. Stop by the Christmas Fun Fair at Union Church on Sunday, December 1, 2013 from 1pm-5pm.

2. Stop by the Handmade HK Christmas Bazaar (see flyer below).

handmade hk


Hong Kong designer Alan Chong has taken a revolutionary approach to clock design; adding an element of whimsy to this mundane product with his Swap clock series. Designed with swappable clock faces, these clocks are his best-selling design. This year, to celebrate his innovation, Chong launched the “Swap it with U” clock design competition together with the Hong Kong Design Institute. The 20 winning designs by HKDI’s students will be on view and audiences can bring one home from K11 Design Store & K11 Select and CityPlaza. All proceeds gained from these sales will be donated to Watchdog Early Educational Centre. You may also email info@watchdog.org.hk to place your order.

feeding hong kongfeeding hk

If you follow my blog, you would have heard me talk about Feeding Hong Kong, a non-profit dedicated to feeding people who would otherwise go hungry. This year, FHK launched their Chef’s in the Community program inviting famous chefs from HK to submit recipes to create a cookbook. These cookbooks will then be distributed to charity partners and their beneficiaries. This cookbook is yours for $200 hkd and available in both Chinese and English. You may pick up a copy at Grassroots Pantry or email info@feedinghk.org to place your order. FeedingHK will also be at the Handmade HK Christmas Bazaar! Stop by and say hello. I will be manning both the FeedingHK and Pathfinders Limited charity tables.

hong kong dog rescuehong kong dog rescue photo(9)

Christmas and Thanksgiving is all about family, caring, sharing and giving. Why not make your home even warmer, sweeter, and happier by adopting a new family member from Hong Kong Dog Rescue? If you cannot adopt, foster! Or pick up some lovely items from their shop as stocking stuffers.

Please feel free to share your ideas of gifts that keeps on giving. We need to support local mom and pop shops as well as NGO’s whose sole purpose are to help others. Give a gift that keeps on giving this year.


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3 thoughts on “6 Gifts That Keeps on Giving (HK Version)

  1. I love this idea, it’s always nice to support the local communities in addition to the big conglomerates.

    I’m not in HK anymore, but I can most certainly do something similar and buy locally & buy smart.

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