Top 5 Diet Trends – Foodie Magazine Hong Kong

In this month’s web-exclusive feature on foodie magazine, I explore the pros and cons of the top 5 diet trends.

foodie magazine

As a dietitian, I actually dread the word diet. It simply means what we eat each and every day, but to most people, it’s something they’re “going on” (like a holiday: “I’m going on Atkins”) or “trying” (like a pair of jeans: “I’m trying intermittent fasting”), and it’s usually a temporary plan to lose weight. It makes me cringe and brings to mind images of clients starving themselves, binging and beating themselves up with negative self-talk. This downward spiral towards emotional breakdown can be truly heartbreaking, and it takes a lot of work to help clients to build up their self-confidence and motivate them to make changes in order to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

If a client is interested in trying out a particular diet, I gladly point out the positive and negative. Essentially, all diets are food plans that help to promote either weight loss or a healthier lifestyle. Those who are successful with a certain diet usually don’t mind the cons and are highly motivated by the pros. One person may find a plan absurd, whilst another may consider it to be perfect. I’ve chosen five diets that have a very strong following, exploring the benefits and ill effects of each…


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