10 Best Accomplishments of 2013

1. Volunteering at PathFinders Limited. A charity assisting distressed migrant women who have given birth to children in Hong Kong. My roles include giving nutrition/health talks, advocacy, babysitting, teaching English, handicrafts and baking, managing the PathFinders shop and helping out in any way I can.

20131212-012255.jpg  20131212-011658.jpg

20131212-011517.jpg 20131212-011644.jpg

2. Volunteering at FeedingHK. A charity dedicated to feeding Hong Kong’s hungry. My roles include conducting nutrition/health talks, setting up nutrition related workshops and working on two projects- The Chef’s in the Community Program and The Food Drive Challenge.

20131212-011547.jpg  20131212-012126.jpg


3. Volunteering at Hong Kong Dog Rescue. My roles include giving orientation to volunteers, taking pics of the pups and helping out where I can.



4. Spreading the message of good nutrition throughout Hong Kong.

20131212-014619.jpg  20131212-014639.jpg

5. Getting the opportunity to teach Cultural Anthropology.


6. Volunteering with Handson HongKong. A non-profit connecting volunteers to charities throughout Hong Kong and meeting wonderful people along the way.

20131212-014650.jpg  20131212-014658.jpg

7. To be surrounded by cutie pies and witnessing their growth.



8. Coordinating projects for non-profits and companies. Pics below: Pizza Express Chef Dunbar teaching PF moms how to make pizza, Peggy Chan of Grassroots Pantry teaching the ladies how to make a delicious plant-based meal and Gregorie Michaud of Bread Elements teaching the ladies how to make delicious sandwiches.

20131212-014800.jpg  20131212-012847.jpg

9. Charity walk  with fellow RD’s and designed a T-shirt raising $5000 for cardiac patients.


10. And finally….Surpassing 500 likes on the Happy Dietitian facebook page…organically! Will you help me get to 1000 likes by Dec 2014?

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!!!


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