Herbs and Spices in Hong Kong

spices and herbs in hong kongspices and herbs hk

Here’s a quick tip if you’re looking to buy spices, Thai basil, turmeric, lime leaves, lemon grass, galangal, candlenut, and tamarind in Hong Kong. Take advantage of Indonesian grocery shops! There are usually Indonesian shops at every wet market and my favorite one is a chain store called Indo Market. They sell mostly dry goods but some carry fresh herbs and spices. When I need  Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese ingredients, I take a stroll to any of the Indonesian grocery stores around me for the best prices. I also buy organic coconut palm sugar from them for I think HK$18, which is very cheap.

Some larger 759 stores also carry an assortment of spices at very good prices (less than $20).

Some Aeon Living Plaza stores will carry spices at $12 per item.

Every time I visit Kowloon City (for the best Thai food in HK), I have to stop by the Thai grocery stores for Thai cabbage, basil, eggplants, limes, chili sauce and a mandatory mango sticky rice.


4 thoughts on “Herbs and Spices in Hong Kong

  1. Hey Wendy!

    Thanks for the tip on the indo market! had not heard of that one but will pay it a visit!

    Thought you might like to know my best find of late, regencyspices.hk – they sell much better quality spices and herbs in hong kong compared to the ordinary small shakers in supermarkets. It’s a little more effort to use cause most spices are whole, but the flavour is super strong, and they’re 100% natural. I assume nutritional value is far better too. Just thought you’d like to know!

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