Travel Adventures: Sai Kung


Learned a very good lesson today and that’s to always call ahead before going anywhere far in HK. I wanted to be adventurous so I picked a farm that was close to my apt and then decided to go there on my own. I chose Nature’s Harvest in Sai Kung which is about a 20 minute bus ride (no. 792m) from TKO station alighting at HKUST.

Following the directions on the map, I soon realized that the scenic route to the farm was really desolate. I was in the middle of the forest all by myself and boy was I scared! The steps leading down to the farm felt like an eternity and finally after about 15 minutes of stairs, I saw a farmhouse. The gate read private property and nobody was around but I went in anyway hoping to capture some photos. One of the farmers came out and told me I should have called before coming because the manager wasn’t around. Lesson learned. I didn’t get to buy any produce and probably wouldn’t have considering the 15 minutes hike back up to the bus stop. It really was a very scenic route; with a beautiful waterfall along the way. If I wasn’t so terrified of being chopped up into pieces, I would have sat there and enjoyed the views a little longer. Thank god I had two bananas with me or else I think I would have fainted. The stairs were no joke but I would go back again if I had some company (and pepper spray).



beautiful view sai kung

Beautiful Waterfall


After the farm, I took the bus to Sai Kung Bus Terminus. I went there mainly to check out BBQ King but also for the views.

20140121-215941.jpg  20140121-215949.jpg

Fishermen selling their catch(es) of the day!

20140121-215957.jpg  20140121-220007.jpg

20140121-220016.jpg  20140121-220042.jpg



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