HK Hiking Adventures: High Junk Peak

20140121-204450.jpgNever trust an adventurous, expert hiker. Never! She said High Junk Peak would be easy. She said it was for beginners. I was expecting hiking on flat land but my dear friend took me mountain climbing!

We started from Mung Kung Uk Village and hiked four hills to get to High Junk which was 300m above sea level. It usually takes 2 hours to complete but we took 3 and 1/2 (don’t laugh!). I feared for my life when I was climbing up the rocks and secretly wanted to turn around and go home but I stayed calm and kept going. I was afraid at the time but I’m so proud of myself for making it out alive. It was surprisingly a lot of fun. The weather was nice but a little too hazy. I took some nice shots of the views.



We climbed up that pointy mountain on the left


One side is clear water bay


Other side is Tseung Kwan O


Smartie came hiking with us


See…Rock climbing


She said we’re gonna climb up there and I said yeah right.


Can you see the people? Look closer.


The view is gorgeous! Even better in person.


I made it!


Caught the sunset on our way back. Very pretty.


Time to feast.

seafood dinnerPlanning my next hiking trip this Sunday to Wu Kau Tang for birds and butterflies watching. Hope there won’t be any lizards. *Shivers*


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