Taiwanese Rice Noodles w/ Bean Sprouts

20140130-192651.jpgI really like noodles and Taiwanese rice noodles are my favorite. For this recipe, I used cabbage, garlic, fried garlic (just a little), fried shallots, wood ear, carrots, bean sprouts, dried shrimps, scallions and scrambled egg. For flavoring, I used shao hsing wine, light soy sauce, lots of white pepper, and salt. I also added a little wine to the scrambled egg. As a side dish, I sauteed some bean sprouts with scallions. This meal pairing would be great for lunch. If you want to make this for dinner, I suggest also making some hot and soup!


All prepped


Rice noodles blanched in hot water until soft and then removed to let cool


Lots of veggies


Add the noodles. Mix. Mix. Mix.


Add the scrambled egg and some fried garlic and shallots


Sauteed bean sprouts with scallion


Lunch is served!


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