Tasting Adventures: Bangkok

IMG_2099Pomegranate Juice

IMG_2047     Mango Sticky RiceIMG_2103Lady selling Durian and Mango Sticky Rice


IMG_2553  Papaya saladIMG_2128Pork Ball Noodle Soup

IMG_2318Green Curry


Pad Thai. I liked that they added dried shrimps.IMG_2399Clams in Thai Sauce

IMG_2402Boat Noodle

IMG_2406Blood Clams

IMG_2438Dessert Time

IMG_2445  Ice with palm seed, grass jelly, coconut jelly and tapioca ballsIMG_2571Fruits Galore

IMG_2588Blood Clams

IMG_2649Tiny Bowl of Noodles. I think it was US$1 each bowl.

IMG_2652They ate a lot!

IMG_2876  Boat Noodle, Pad Thai and Oyster Pancake from MBK Food CourtIMG_2085Thai Iced Tea Flavored Ice Cream

IMG_3003Take out Pad Thai, Noodles and Thai Iced Tea

IMG_2906Insects anyone?


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