Tasting Adventures: Dong Gang Seafood Central, Taiwan

310065_10151951369863569_1787337674_nFried Rice with Donggang Shrimp


Fish Soup484640_10151951370078569_1941967598_n

BBQ Oysters401935_10151951369873569_2104307166_nSteamed Sweet Shrimps400626_10151951369833569_231578952_nSweet Shrimp 971841_10151951370083569_994315704_n

Fried Cabbage with Donggang Shrimps971841_10151951368428569_1009816500_n

Tuna Sashimi249146_10151951369538569_2101653697_n

Sweet Shrimp Sashimi936036_10151951368563569_1631825840_n



This can’t be edible486647_10151951367483569_424612518_nDried Donggang shrimps. My all time favorite dried shrimps!


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