Longines Hong Kong Masters + FeedingHK



Going into this event, I had no idea what equestrian meant. I knew horses were involved and I knew it was fancy. I blame my ignorance on being a city girl. Or maybe, being a poor city girl. Is there even horse riding/show jumping in New York City?

FeedingHK was the chosen charity for this event. It was a great opportunity to build awareness about hunger and to let people know about our programs. Unison creative, the design agency that works with FHK also came up with this idea of having kids use their creativity to reflect their ideas of how they would feed HK through art. Some of them chose to feed HK with ice cream, chocolate and cookies, some wanted to feed HK with lots of love and care and some wanted to feed HK with lots of veggies. The kids had a blast.


We started with only a few on the first day.


And filled up the wall on day three.


Can you spot my masterpiece?



20140223-182937.jpgAaron Kwok is the spokesperson for Longines and it was great seeing him again.



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