A Revelation-Worry Not. Be yourself.

I’m goofy by nature. I tell lame jokes. I bust out my robot moves at parties. I love to make silly faces. At times, I wonder if being me is too adventurous in my industry. Will people not take me seriously if I show them my down to earth personality? Does being stern and conservative equate to being professional? I’d like to say, no. From my experience, being real has always worked to my advantage for creating lasting friendships. People open up when they feel at ease. It works for both patients and colleagues. My favorite doctors, nurses and therapists have always been people I can joke around with. It’s okay to let our guard down. People will love us for being real. People who judge, will judge anyway.

Live a life of love, not fear. Try new things. Take risks. Be embarrassed. Make mistakes. Laugh it off. Let it go.


20140527-011434-4474702.jpg  20140527-011434-4474830.jpg

Dance your heart out

20140527-011913-4753168.jpg  20140527-011435-4475902.jpg

Sing like nobody’s watching


Dare to take on the stage


Work Hard. Play Harder.


Open up and share your story


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