Vegetarian Tacos + Recipes


Chef O prepared this feast for our girls-night-in and I easily inhaled 5 within 30 minutes. Tacos are so versatile that you please everyone. Make it vegetarian/vegan/flexitarian with some simple switches. Add chunks of roasted chicken for the meat eater. Add baked shrimp or fish for the seafood lover. Replace the tortilla with lettuce leaves or tortilla chips. Enjoy!


Recommended Recipes:

Pico de gallo recipe here

Guacamole recipe here

Roasted Sweet Potatoes (minus the sugar) recipe here

Black Beans Taco recipe here

Other suggestions:

-Corn Salsa

-Mango Salsa

-Saute onions and mushrooms


2 thoughts on “Vegetarian Tacos + Recipes

  1. Hi I liked your all the receipes. Your site is great and full of new and tasty receipes. Liked it very much. You keep posting and we keep cooking. Thanks to share such a valuable information..

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