Goodeats HK: Po Toi O 

 The best homemade nian gao and radish cake in Hong Kong can be found in a teeny village called Po Toi O by Clearwater Bay. 

Year after year, I go back to the same stall to stock up on their original and ginger nian gao. They start selling around mid January so you have a good month or two to enjoy the once-a-year dessert. According to the ladies, making nian gao requires a lot of gong fu so the nian gao is not available all year round (yep, I asked).


After a nice hike up and down High Junk peak, bring your loved one(s) to Po Toi O and watch the sunset together!

Where are they located? Once you walk down the path toward the village, the stall is on your right. Do you see it?

Fat Kee Seafood Restaurant – the seafood is usually terrific, but on my last visit, I saw MSG crystals glistening on each piece of my favorite dish – salt and pepper fried beancurd. I think they dusted the plate with MSG before serving. All other dishes were super salty that day.

Word of caution: I would ask the chef to go easy on the salt and MSG.

Do you see what I see? As the minibus drove by, we saw people flying air planes. Apparently Po Toi O is know for remote control airplanes.


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