A Revelation-Worry Not. Be yourself.

I’m goofy by nature. I tell lame jokes. I bust out my robot moves at parties. I love to make silly faces. At times, I wonder if being me is too adventurous in my industry. Will people not take me seriously if I show them my down to earth personality? Does being stern and conservative equate to being professional? I’d like to say, no. From my experience, being real has always worked to my advantage for creating lasting friendships. People open up when they feel at ease. It works for both patients and colleagues. My favorite doctors, nurses and therapists have always been people I can joke around with. It’s okay to let our guard down. People will love us for being real. People who judge, will judge anyway.

Live a life of love, not fear. Try new things. Take risks. Be embarrassed. Make mistakes. Laugh it off. Let it go.


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Charity Spotlight: Learning from the Elders

It all started at the Dale Carnegie office. Myself and a social worker from Mission to New Arrivals met at the training office to get some feedback on our speeches for the HandsOn Black and White Ball. Little did I know, I was going to meet the sweetest lady ever. Her positive, kind nature is infectious and enchanting. I have pretty good intuition when it comes to people, and with her, we clicked right away. She invited me to her charity where I learned how to make Zongzi, which will be distributed to the elderly in the community.


I have met so many wonderful people in HK who has showed me that being kind, humble, down to earth and understanding are qualities far superior than being incredibly rich and intelligent. I admire people who care about more than just themselves and their family, people who care about strangers. People who care about society.

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Behind the Dark Shadows

Step inside the world of a migrant worker in Hong Kong who finds herself pregnant, deserted, jobless, homeless, and penniless.

I accompanied a migrant mother who overstayed her visa to immigration today. With the baby wrapped snugly around her body, she paced back and forth gently silencing the cries of her innocent child.  I sensed her nervousness as we waited to be called by the officer.

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6 Gifts That Keeps on Giving (HK Version)

November is my favorite month of the year because autumn arrives, holidays are around the corner, it’s my birthday month and  it’s the time of year where families get together to celebrate, eat and show each other their appreciation. Oh yes, it’s also the time of year for presents! If you’re in Hong Kong, I hope you will join me in purchasing presents that just keeps on giving. This year, I’m supporting local businesses as well as non-profit organizations. I bet you will find the perfect present for that someone special and tell them about the inspiration behind your purchase. These gifts make great stocking stuffers, builds awareness for the less fortunate, and gives back to the community.

juliens organic honey
Photo Credit: Hong Kong Green Home

Julien’s Organic is a local farmer supplying weekly organic veggies, pure 100% honey and other seasonal products. I don’t know about you but I would love to receive a gift basket from him. The local organic 100% pure honey would be a wonderful present and it’s a steal at $110 hkd/jar. I love how you can also return/reuse the jar to save $5. I’m a big supporter of companies and individuals who promote environmental sustainability. Continue reading